Interior design and decoration

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Interior design and decoration

Interior design & decoration projects

Interior Design

Stucco Studio guides you through each phase of your interior layout and decoration project; from the initial idea to the final realization, ensuring coordination with service providers and strict control of the site.

  • Custom Design:
    Our approach begins with a total immersion into your world to understand your aspirations, needs, lifestyle, and specific constraints. We offer various layout and design solutions, exploring together a range of atmospheres. Your project gradually takes shape, becoming clearer and adapting to each room, with a sustained demand for the slightest detail.
  • Project Management and Supervision:
    Before the initiation of the work, we carefully evaluate and select the most suitable craftsmen and companies. A thorough analysis of the proposals is carried out to assist you in choosing the ideal service provider.

Our team dedicates constant attention to the monitoring of the work, paying particular attention to the quality of the finishes. Our mission is to ensure that the project unfolds smoothly, in line with your expectations, strictly respecting the established deadlines and budget, up to the final delivery.

This service includes:

Residential – Office – Retail

Interior decoration

For our team, a successful decoration project is one that reveals the soul of its inhabitants. To achieve this, we evaluate the space, listen to your needs, and consider your style. How do we proceed?

  • We come to your home for a first meeting. We take photos, measure the space, assess the possibilities of your current interiors, and discuss your expectations. Our goal is to get to know you and discover the potential of your home in order to create a fully personalized interior decoration proposal.
  • Presentation and visualization of the project. We organize a meeting to present our ideas and to make the final decisions together. We consider the redistribution of spaces and experiment with textiles, paints, furniture, and all types of decorative elements to shape your living space. We include a detailed “shopping list” with all the selected items for you and a 3D visualization of your decoration project to better visualize the suggested modifications.
  • Implementation and completion. If you need, we take care of coordinating each step, from purchase to installation, to make the process smooth and enjoyable for you.

This interior decoration service is also available online, via virtual meetings. This option allows you to benefit from our expertise wherever you are, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience. Our online consultations are designed to adapt to your lifestyle, allowing for efficient and personalized collaboration remotely.

This service includes:


On-site or online decor coaching

We offer a decoration coaching service designed to address all your questions and aspirations regarding interior decoration.

During a 90-minute session, we explore together all the issues related to your living space. Whether it’s arranging a space undergoing renovation, decoration advice to create harmony between your rooms, brainstorming ideas, or even assistance in choosing colors to revitalize your interior, our goal is to meet your needs, reinforce your choices, and channel your decorative desires.

We adapt to your questions and desires, and we materialize our proposals with plans and 3D visualization to facilitate your projection into the suggested decoration.

Our coaching service is flexible: it can take place at your home or remotely. In the case of a virtual session, we use the photos you have shared and communicate via video conference.

Following our meeting, you will receive the information provided during our session. Additionally, we remain available to answer any questions or assist you in implementing the discussed advice.

Interior Design and Decoration Projects in Málaga

Stucco Studio, your ally in interior decoration and interior design, is now extending its services to Málaga. Firmly rooted in Brussels, we benefit from a rich network of suppliers in Málaga, facilitating the realization of your projects with our usual passion. We offer a personalized service, collaborating with local suppliers to select materials and decorations that meet your desires and budget.

As each project is unique, we offer meetings in Brussels, Málaga, or online, adjusting to your needs for optimal communication. For projects in Málaga requiring our presence, our team is ready to oversee and monitor renovation work, ensuring a final result that exceeds your expectations.

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