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Stucco Studio is a multidisciplinary interior design firm rooted in innovation and creativity. Led by a team of passionate visionaries, our studio specializes in crafting spaces that harmoniously balance the classic with the contemporary, creating environments that transcend time.

With a home base in Brussels and a branch in Málaga, Stucco Studio is uniquely positioned to undertake projects in both locales, offering our distinctive design philosophy across two vibrant European settings.

Beyond Spaces: Crafting Elegance & Well-being

Our focus is on creating spaces that not only reflect our clients’ essence but also promote a sense of well-being and timeless elegance. At Stucco Studio, every project is a new opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of interior design, ensuring exceptional outcomes that speak for themselves.

Creation of a complete interior design project for the execution of a renovation. From the conception of the new space to the construction supervision if necessary.

We design a comprehensive decoration project, including mood boards and 3D visualizations, a meticulous selection of finishing materials, and a complete shopping list.

Transform your space without leaving home with our online decoration service. Receive personalized advice and visual proposals from our expert decorators.

Do I need an interior designer for my project?

Do I need an interior designer for my project?

When we face the challenge of renovating or transforming our space, a key question arises: Is it really necessary to have the expertise of an interior designer or interior decorator in our project? At Stucco Studio, our answer is based on years of experience and the satisfaction of our clients: collaborating with an expert in interior design is crucial. An interior designer brings a unique mix of creativity, aesthetic vision, and technical knowledge that goes beyond the simple selection of colors or furniture. This professional has the ability to visualize the potential of each space, ensuring that every aspect of the renovation contributes to creating environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally optimal. At Stucco Studio, we firmly believe in the importance of paying attention to every detail. For this reason, we work hand in hand with interior designers known for their ability to plan and execute projects with pinpoint precision, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. From the conceptualization phase to the realization of the project, our interior decorators take care of every step, ensuring a perfect cohesion between the client's vision and the final reality. This includes not only spatial distribution and material selection but also technical aspects such as lighting and acoustics, which are fundamental for the comfort and functionality of the space. The intervention of an interior designer in your project is not a mere whim; it is a smart strategy that ensures that every element, from the most prominent to the most subtle, is considered and executed with the utmost attention to detail. This collaboration results in projects that not only reflect the desired aesthetic but also enhance the quality of life of those who inhabit these spaces. Ultimately, choosing to include an interior designer in your renovation project is choosing excellence, ensuring that the final result is as functional as it is beautiful, and that every corner of your home or commercial space is transformed exactly as you imagined, or even better.

What are the stages for my interior design project?

What are the stages for my interior design project?

Starting an interior design project is an exciting journey where your vision will step by step transform into a tangible and beautiful reality. At Stucco Studio, under the expert guidance of our interior designers and decorators, we follow a meticulously designed process to ensure that each project is executed flawlessly. This process unfolds through key stages, designed to capture and materialize your dreams in every detail of the space. The first step on this journey is the initial consultation. Here, you will have the opportunity to sit down with our interior designer to discuss your goals, tastes, and needs. This is the time to dream big and lay the foundation for what will be your ideal space. The next stop is the conceptualization phase. Based on our initial conversation, our interior designer will create a visual proposal that includes a color palette, textures, and suggestions for furniture and finishes. This stage is crucial for refining the vision of your project, allowing you to visualize and adjust the design before moving forward. After that, we enter into detailed design and planning. Here, our team will detail the technical drawings and define all design elements, from furniture layout to lighting and materials. This step ensures that every aspect of your space is perfect, both in function and in form. Project management and construction oversight constitute the next link in the process. During this phase, our interior decorator takes charge of bringing the agreed vision to life with precision, overseeing every detail of the execution to ensure quality and adherence to deadlines. Finally, the completion and delivery stage is when your renovated space is ready to be revealed. We conduct a final inspection to confirm that every element has been implemented to perfection, ensuring that the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

At Stucco Studio, as experts in the field of interior design, we often find ourselves explaining the key distinctions between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Although both roles share the common goal of beautifying spaces, the paths they take and the skills they employ are distinctively different, each essential in its own way to transform a space. An interior designer, in the context of our studio, is a highly qualified professional in design and spatial planning. This person possesses a formal education in the field of interior design, granting them a deep understanding of architectural principles, ergonomics, and the regulations of construction and sustainability. The work of an interior designer begins from the conception of the project; they analyze the functionality of the space, work closely with architects and contractors, and consider all structural aspects to optimize the use and aesthetics of the environment. At Stucco Studio, our interior designers are dedicated to transforming spaces from their essence, ensuring that every element aligns with a cohesive vision and meets the practical and stylistic needs of our clients.

Are you looking for an interior designer or an interior decorator?

Are you looking for an interior designer or an interior decorator?

At Stucco Studio, we understand that creating the space of your dreams begins with choosing the right professional. If your project requires a complete transformation that encompasses everything from spatial reconfiguration to compliance with regulations, then our team of interior designers is your best option. With thorough training in design and architecture, our interior designers will guide you through each stage of the process, ensuring that every aspect of your space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable. On the other hand, if you wish to revitalize your space with a new vibe, incorporating design elements, color, and texture, then our interior decorators are the ones who can turn your vision into reality, paying special attention to the details that make each home unique. At Stucco Studio, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach and our ability to understand and execute our clients' visions. Whether you're looking for an interior designer to completely reimagine your space or an interior decorator to add those final touches that will make it feel like home, we're here to help. Schedule a video call with our interior designer and start today. Don't let your project remain just a dream; contact us today and take the first step towards transforming your space. With Stucco Studio, you're just a click away from beginning the journey to create the home of your dreams.

J'ai fait appel à Stucco Renovation pour une partie de la rénovation de mon appartement. Très bon accompagnement et respect des délais. Nerea et Jose sont très sympathiques. Je suis satisfaite du travail effectué. L'entreprise a été très réactive lorsqu'il y a eu des petits soucis en fin de chantier dans ma salle de bain. J'ai pu les appeler et ils sont intervenus très rapidement.

L. Célia

La société Stucco propose un accompagnement personnalisé et sérieux. Leurs conseils m’ont été utiles pour faire des choix judicieux concernant la rénovation complète de ma salle de bains. La logistique est très bien rodée et surtout le travail impeccablement réalisé. Les différents membres de l’équipe sont à l’écoute, très réactifs et proposent des solutions efficaces en cas de problème. Je suis tout à fait satisfaite du résultat de leur intervention.

L. Patricia

Nous avons contacté Stucco Stucco pour la rénovation complète de trois salles de bains et du hall d'entrée. Pendant les quatre semaines qu'ont duré les travaux, ils se sont montrés très professionnels, toujours prêts à discuter des changements par rapport au plan initial, très transparents et fiables. L'ouvrier qui est venu travailler sur notre projet a été très discret ; alors qu'il travaillait depuis la maison, nous pouvions à peine sentir sa présence. StuccoStudio est un petit bijou dans un secteur où l'on ne sait jamais à qui faire confiance. Nous ne manquerons pas de les contacter pour de futurs projets et nous les recommandons vivement. Merci beaucoup Nerea et Jorge !

B. Lorenzo

Stucco was very attentive to every detail of our project. They combine a good sense if design with seamless execution. Above everything, Stucco remained present during the works and delivered the whole project according to expectations. Great job!

R. Daniel

Totalmente satisfecha del trabajo realizado por el equipo de Stucco. Los recomiendo sin dudar. Es una empresa altamente profesional que ejecuta la renovación con gran nivel de excelencia, eficacia y honestidad. Conocen su oficio y lo ejercen con calidad. Desde el minuto número Stucco te asesora de forma personalizada con el solo objetivo de llevar a cabo las ideas que el cliente tiene en mente. Si tu lo deseas ellos encontraran la mejor manera de hacerlo.. Te explicarán las opciones posibles con todos los detalles que necesites y demostrarán una paciencia infinita contestando una y otra vez a las dudas que surgen en el proceso. La planificación es tan buena que cuando llega el momento de ejecutar los trabajos éstos se desarrollan sin problemas y el resultado final es impecable. Las cosas avanzan día a día, nada de obras paradas durante semanas sin explicación como ocurre con otras empresas. Los trabajos tienen un principio y un fin. En mi caso Stucco tuvo que tener en cuenta que realizaba una renovación parcial, lo cual obligaba a hacer trabajos en una vivienda habitada pero demostraron de nuevo su calidad evitando en lo posible molestias y suciedad sin perder por ello calidad en la ejecución. La realización de una renovación es siempre estresante pero Stucco te facilitará mucho el trabajo porque el equipo está a tu lado hasta que todo quede perfecto.

L. Cristina

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